Sexual violence prevention training who comply with the National Standards

Right now in our universities sexual assault is occurring at an alarming rate, with young people being sexually assaulted in frightening numbers.

Training students and staff in consent and sexual assault prevention is critical to addressing this violence - and making sure every campus residence is providing it is the first place to start. That's why the Fair Agenda community are calling on all residences to make sure they are providing students and staff with best practice training in consent and sexual violence prevention.

That means involving a sexual assault service in your training. To that end, we've compiled a list of training providers that we know work with universities and have indicated they comply with the National Standards in this area.

Australia’s National Standards for the primary prevention of sexual assault through education note that sexual assault prevention educators need to have competencies in: knowledge of primary prevention concepts (including theories of attitude and behaviour change), knowledge about the problem of sexual violence and an ability to respond to disclosures.

These National Standards also highlight that the inclusion of risk-avoidance discourse and advice in rape prevention education can do more harm than good. For example: telling women to avoid rape by not drinking, or focusing on self-defence for women, and not exploring strategies for perpetrators to manage their own behaviour.

Below is a list of sexual assault services that have indicated to Fair Agenda that they can provide trainings for university residence contexts that comply with the National Standards:


The Full Stop Foundation (nationwide)

The Full Stop Foundation of Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia have recently developed a range of educational resources and trainings specifically for university staff and students that are considered the gold standard in this area. This includes a Train the Trainer program.


Phone: (02) 8585 0371


NSW Rape Crisis (New South Wales)

This service provides training via the Full Stop Foundation, as outlined above.


Canberra Rape Crisis (ACT and surrounding region)


Phone: (02) 6287 3618


Centre for Sexual Assault (Victoria)

Phone: (03) 9635 3610



Yarrow Place (SA)

Phone: (08) 8226 8777




Phone: (08) 6458 1820



Ruby Gae (NT)

Phone: (08) 8945 0155



You can see the list of which University residences are or are not providing expert driven training in this area at:

*This list is a work in progress. Do know of a service that complies with the National Standards that should be added? Get in touch via