NSW MPs: Block this attack on abortion access

Controversial MP Fred Nile has just renewed his push to criminalise harming or killing a fetus in NSW.[1]

Experts say the proposed “Zoe's Law” could “erode women’s right to autonomy, informed consent and liberty over pregnancy and childbirth decisions”.[2]

The NSW Bar Association has even said “the legislative acceptance of the principle on which the Bill is premised – that a foetus which satisfies the definition of an ‘unborn child’ is to be treated as a ‘person’ under NSW criminal law – is very likely to lead to further changes to that law.”[3] 

Others say the Bill would likely heighten existing uncertainty for doctors regarding the legality of assisting a woman to seek an abortion,[4] particularly problematic in a state where abortion remains in the criminal code.

Traditionally, proposals like these are put to an individual vote – which means it’s critical we show NSW MPs they can expect huge voter backlash if they support it. Can you sign and share this petition asking all NSW MPs to oppose Zoe’s Law and any other legislation that posses a threat to abortion access?



Dear NSW MPs,

We are extremely concerned about the risk the proposed "Zoe's Law" poses to abortion rights and access in NSW.

We urge you to vote against Zoe's Law - and any other attacks on our reproductive rights.


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