No one should be harassed for seeking healthcare

"Women are forced to look at distorted graphic images and told they are murderers and going to hell" and being "jostled and filmed" as they enter reproductive healthcare centres across New South Wales.[1]

No one should be harassed for seeking healthcare. That's why it's so important there are protections in place to ensure safe access to reproductive healthcare facilities.

And soon there will be a chance to make that happen - with an upcoming vote on a private member's bill that would create 150 metre "safe access zones" around health services that provide family planning, reproductive health or abortion services.[2]

The proposal is similar to that which was recommended by Victoria's Law Reform Commission ten years ago, and laws which are already operating successfully in Victoria, ACT and Tasmania.

But votes on issues like this are always extremely contentious. That means that to secure this important change -- we'll need to show it has huge public support. Can you help by signing and sharing this petition asking all NSW MPs to support creating “safe access zones” around abortion clinics?

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The proposed legislation, set to be debated in coming months, would amend the Summary Offences Act. It would not restrict the right to protest or freedom of speech.

[1] NSW abortion 'safe-zone' bill introduced,, 30 March 2017

Dear NSW MPs,

We urge you to vote in support of legislation creating “safe access zones” around abortion clinics, to protect women from being harassed by anti-choice protesters.


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