Don't cut new parents' time at home with their babies

UPDATE: Community campaigning has stopped the Turnbull Government from getting their plans to cut paid parental leave through the previous parliament. But the Coalition have indicated that they still plan to proceed with their cuts if re-elected, which means cuts to paid parental leave are a critical issue this election.

The Government's plan would tear leave time away from tens of thousands of parents who rely on combined employer and government provided leave to cover costs while they care for their new baby. And would leave many unable to afford the expert recommended 26 weeks minimum time at home.

Expert analysis commissioned by Fair Agenda members has shown the Government's most recent proposed cuts would tear precious time at home away from tens of thousands of working parents -- including nurses, ambos, teachers and retail workers. 

The good news is: our campaign is working. Consistent community pressure has now stopped two attempts to cut parental leave. 

Can you help make sure attacks on new parents' paid time at home can't succeed in the next parliament? Sign the petition to join the campaign.

Find out more about the new cuts

When the cuts were first proposed Fair Agenda members chipped in to fund expert modelling on the expected impact of the cuts. The report, conducted by the Women and Work Group at The University of Sydney can be downloaded here.

Don't have time to read the full report? Here are the key takeaways...

The recommended period of leave a new parent is supposed to spend with a  newborn is around 26 weeks.2

Right now new parents can access a combined package made up of government provided leave (18 weeks of income at the minimum wage), which they then have the option of topping up with any parental leave they have provided by their employer. This system was deliberately designed to be used in combination - to help lengthen the period of time a new parent can afford to care for and nurture their new baby. 

Under the new proposal, the government wants to turn the current 18 weeks of support it provides to eligible parents in this combined package from a minimum floor, to a ceiling - deducting the number of weeks leave provided by an employer from a new parent's government provided leave. This will slash the paid time at home thousands of new parents can access, and the time they can afford to care for their newborn baby.

In short, these cuts would be terrible for families and for our community. That's why it's critical we work together to stop them. Join us!



2. Productivity Commission Inquiry Report, Paid Parental Leave: Support for Parents with Newborn Children, February 2009, reference 2.41






It's hard enough caring for a newborn without being forced back to work early. Please don't cut working parents' right to the existing 18 weeks government paid parental leave. 


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"Parents caring for their own children is crucial to the well being of children/ parents and society as a whole. As a teacher I can easily see who has hands on parents and who has been brought up by childcare workers. Please put family first."
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"A key driver for the rounded emotional and psychological development of our children is as much unstressed time in the first five years with a primary carer so they can form healthy and strong attachment which forms the foundations of all relationships in which they will be involved for the rest of their lives. Let’s ensure we are investing in raising the best generation to lead Australia in the future."
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