Thousands of women being left in danger without access to family violence services

The federal government is still leaving thousands of women without the service support they need to escape family violence.

Escaping an abuser can be difficult and dangerous; in many cases it's impossible to do without support. That's why properly resourced family violence services are critical to the safety of women affected.

Every day services aren't fully funded is another day women are left in danger. But right now neither major party are committed to properly resourcing these potentially life-saving services. The election is a critical moment to change that, particularly by building pressure in key marginal seats. Can you help build the community's call for full funding of family violence services - Fair Agenda members will deliver your signatures to key marginal seat candidates.

*If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, you can call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732 for 24/7 support. If you are in immediate danger call 000.

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Australia is in the midst of a family violence crisis. The statistics are stark. 81,900 women say they have wanted to escape their current violent partner, but never have. Further 1 in 12 women have indicated they have been forced to return to their abusive partner because they had nowhere else to go. At the same time, the services women need to live free from danger are being under-funded by governments; leaving thousands of women in danger. 

  • Specialist domestic and family violence services aren't resourced to respond to all police referrals, or to meet demand for crisis or outreach. 
  • Community Legal Centres provide critical support to women affected by family violence. But inadequate funding forces them to turn away 160,000 people a year (including but not limited to those affected by family violence).
  • Family Violence Prevention Legal Services - which provide specialist and culturally safe services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are also unable to meet demand.
  • Men's behaviour change programs - work with men who use violent and controlling behaviour to prevent and minimise the harm of family violence, but don't have the money they need to expand programs, or address shocking waiting lists.
  • Primary prevention - work which is needed to address the community attitudes that lead to violence aren't funded to roll out programs at the scale needed.

Family violence groups say $2 billion a year is needed to address massive turn-away levels that are leaving women in danger, but so far neither major party has committed enough resourcing to fully fund the services women rely on to be safe from violence. Can you join the campaign?


"This budget is devastating and dangerous for women experiencing family violence", Mamamia, 4 May 2016. 
"Thousands of women in danger" without billions more in funding to tackle domestic violence, advocates say, BuzzFeed News, 19 May 2016.


We call on all Australian governments - federal, state and territory - to make good on their commitments to address our domestic violence epidemic by committing all funds needed to fully support programs which prevent domestic violence and provide protection and support for those affected. Including: legal services, crisis support and refuges, outreach services, men's behaviour change programs, emergency accommodation and long-term housing, counselling services and homelessness services.

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"Melissa Olsen"
Paula , 2541  /  signed 2017-04-24 17:19:59 +1000
"I have been a victim of Domestic Violence. I was very lucky that at the time I found, and was given, great help in escaping the miserable situation I was in with two small children to take care of. These services are very much needed and need ongoing funding."
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"I am a survivor. I spent 20 years in a very volitile relationship. If it wasn’t for the help from Family Protection Unit, Department of Child Protection, Anglicare the Police and other relevant agencies, I would not be here today."
Shay , 4560  /  signed 2017-03-29 12:18:36 +1100
"Too many women being killed and severely injured. Children watch and learn that this is what men can do. They are so distressed they become depressed, and their lives fall apart as well."
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"Give the next generation a chance!"
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