Young Liberals: Reject sexist and racist comments

The Age is reporting that senior members of the Melbourne University Liberal Club have posted a series of misogynist and racist comments on social media – describing women as “sluts”, Muslims “degenerates”, and repeatedly demeaning different women.[1]

Young Liberals and university Liberal clubs have traditionally been seen as a starting point for those interested in politics – and has previously served as a stepping stone to elected office. These kinds of attitudes shouldn’t be accepted by any Australian political party. 

Join the call for the Young Liberals to expel the party members responsible for this demeaning behaviour; and to introduce a policy to automatically revoke any leadership position held by club members responsible for promoting sexist, racist or homophobic content in the future. 

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The Age reports that the Melbourne University Liberal Club treasurer described Germain Greer as a "lying f---ing c-m guzzling slut… and a union member." "She doesn't believe in God. No kids not married… what do you [e]xpect from a melb uni educated former socialist c---".

The Age also report the club's vice-president had posted that a venue was "definitely worth a visit" because it had a Mexican restaurant and an upstairs bar with "lots of sluts".

Other members of the group reportedly referred to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a "twat" and said "Tara Moss should only be on TV if she is in a bikini".

[1] Misogynist rants from Young Liberals, The Age, 10 August 2014.

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To the Australian Young Liberals,

We call on you to expel the party members responsible for the Facebook posts leaked to Fairfax Media; and to automatically revoke any leadership position held by a Young Liberal club member responsible for sexist or racist comments in the future.


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"Out of step. Out of line. Out of time."
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"Listen to this slut. You MORONS will never get my vote."
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"Doesn’t surprise me if these people are doing this. Link this with the lack of women in the lib party and does anyone see a pattern here?"
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