Vic Police: Focus on perpetrators, not victims

Vic Police: Focus on perpetrators of violence, not the victims

Last week Eurydice Dixon was raped and killed on her way home from work. In response, a police superintendent said: "people need to be aware of their own personal security...make sure you have situational awareness".

Sign the petition calling on our police forces to do better when responding to violence against women - starting with introducing guidelines to improve police statements to media.

The comments police make have a significant impact on community perceptions and attitudes. It's important that they are focused on the responsibility of perpetrators, and are based on evidence about what actually prevents men’s violence against women.

We are sure that the police working to respond to these kinds of horrifying crimes have good intentions, and want to improve the safety of women from such violence. We’re urging them to make good on that intention by working with services that support victims and leading experts in violence prevention, to ensure their guidelines and internal trainings have the biggest impact on the actual problem – the men choosing to perpetrate violence against women.


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Every time we tell a woman that she needs to modify her behaviour to be safe, we suggest that she is in some way responsible for the violence used against her.

And when police say it, they make it harder for a woman who has been attacked to feel able to come forward, for fear she will be blamed.


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To Victoria Police and other police forces around the country,

To prevent violence against women we need to focus on the perpetrators, not the victims. 

We urge you to put measures in place to improve your responses to violence against women, starting with guidelines to ensure police comments to media are focused on perpetrators, do not perpetuate victim-blaming attitudes, and are anchored in evidence about what actually prevents men’s violence against women.

We urge you to do this in consultation with survivor support services, violence prevention experts, and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and other members of the community who are most likely to be the targets of such violence – at home and in public.


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"Because too many women are killed/raped or beaten at the hands of men in our community. Our country is not the safe place I thought my children would grow up in!"
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"It should be important to all women, and their families and friends.
Harsher sentences for those who commit this act of violence. No excuses for forcing their sick wants and needs on women."
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"Not just the Police but all agencies and media!"
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