Women asked who would cook the meals

An internal review of the Victorian Liberal Party has found that during the preselection process women were asked questions like "'how were they going to balance family and political life', 'who would cook the meals' and questions regarding their marital status" and other women in the party were "actively dissuaded" from standing for leadership positions.1

Women should be welcomed, valued and represented at all levels of all political parties - and barriers like this should be dealt with as the utmost priority.

The Victorian Liberals have been provided with a set of recommendations to increase women's participation in the party. Can you send them an email to let them know voters want them to adopt them -- and take all possible steps to address barriers to women's involvement and advancement within their party?

Yes! I can send an email

You can get in touch with the Victorian Liberals via libs@vic.liberal.org.au.

Address your email to the State President Michael Kroger, and let him know you're writing about the recent internal review of the Liberal Party and your concern about reports on barriers to women's participation. Urge them to treat this issue with the utmost priority, including adopting the internal review's recommendations on women's participation in the party. 

You might want to mention:

  • That you consider women's participation in party politics critical, and that this is an issue informing your vote.
  • That you are pleased opposition leader Matthew Guy has stated his support for the new Victorian government policy guaranteeing women will make up at least 50% of appointments to courts and paid government corporation boards; and that you hope a similar commitment will be made to ensuring women make up 50% of Liberal MPs in the near future.2
  • In this week's NSW cabinet reshuffle NSW Premier Mike Baird appointed the state's first female Treasurer and Attorney-General; this is something voters want to see more of, and you'd urge the Victorian Liberals do more to ensure they're fully utilising and promoting the talent of the women in the party.
  • You note that there are only 6 women in the Victorian shadow cabinet; and 6 women serving as MPs in the lower house. You'd like to see both these numbers increased.

Remember to mention if you're a Liberal Party member or voter; and if you can, bcc 'info@fairagenda.org' into the email so that we can keep track of how many voters have sent emails.


1. Female Victoria Liberals asked who would cook for their families and 'bullied in own party', The Age, 29 March 2015.

2. Women guaranteed at least 50% of jobs on Victorian government boards, The Guardian, 28 March 2015.