Let's show MPs a more compassionate Queensland

In just two weeks Queensland MPs will vote to decide whether or not women have safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care. We need to show them these reforms are backed by a broad movement of Queenslanders from all walks of life who value compassionate healthcare. A movement that includes medical, legal and community service experts from across the state.

So Fair Agenda, Pro-Choice Queensland and 33 other groups concerned with the health, safety, rights and wellbeing of Queenslanders have joined together to launch an open letter voicing our support for a more compassionate system.

Now we need to show your MP that their community is a part of this movement, and supports these reforms. Will you drop by your local MPs office to hand deliver the open letter and show them that we are a strong and united movement of people who represent a kinder and more compassionate Queensland?

It is super quick and simple to do. Click here to download our handy how-to guide and a copy of the open letter, or access a copy of the guide below.

Before you leave (click to view) 

  • Follow this URL to find your local MPs electorate office: http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/documents/Members/mailingLists/MEMLIST.pdf (if you don’t know who your state MP is, contact us at info@fairagenda.org)
  • Print off a copy of the open letter (included at the bottom of this guide)
  • Write a short handwritten note to accompany the letter. We recommend you use this structure:
    • Introduce yourself: explain your a local constituent, and any other personal details you’re happy to include
    • Explain the issue your contacting them about: that you’re reaching our regarding the upcoming vote on the Terminations of Pregnancy Bill 2018
    • Why you care about this issue: for example you believe that a woman needs to feel safe and in control of her body, and I think our laws should allow a woman to make this deeply personal decision about her health, her future and her family
    • Ask them to read the open letter: from Fair Agenda, Pro-Choice Queensland and 33 other groups
    • Ask them to vote in favour of the legislation: you hope that they will use their position in parliament to support this really important reform; and hope that they will respond to let you know their position on this important piece of legislation
    • Include your contact details if you’re comfortable


When you’re outside: (click to view) 

Take a photo of yourself outside the office with a copy of the letter, like this:

Make sure to send us a copy of the photo later at info@fairagenda.org

Before you leave (click to view) 

  • Introduce yourself: explain that you’re a local constituent
  • Explain why you’re there: you are a Fair Agenda member and you support the upcoming Terminations of Pregnancy Bill and you wanted to make sure your MP received a copy of the open letter signed by more than 30 groups who support the legislation
  • Ask them to pass on the letter: ask the staffer to make sure the MP receives a copy of the open letter
  • Thank them for their time

Download the open letter: (click to view) 

Make sure you print off a copy of the open letter before going to your MPs office. Simply drag this image onto your desktop in order to print it off. Make sure you get all three pages of the letter.

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