Independent investigation now

Independent Inquiry Now #StandPorterDown

Women should be safe to live, work and learn free from violence. But right now our government and parliaments’ processes are failing survivors, and men perpetrate horrific gendered violence every day. The Prime Minister must take the rape allegations against federal Minister Christian Porter seriously. Instead, the Morrison Government’s response has been woefully inadequate. Enough is enough.

We must support survivors, and harness our collective people-power to demand that the PM make much-needed systemic change for women’s safety - starting with the systems in parliament. 

Securing systemic change will require all of us to work together to demand action, and to keep building visible public pressure so the PM knows we won’t back down or let this blow over. Will you add your name to the call for the Prime Minister to order an independent investigation and stand down Christian Porter until it’s concluded? 

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No more looking the other way. No more refusing to listen to survivors who bravely speak out. 

This is about more than one case. It's also about needing a system that holds our parliamentarians, and those who make the decisions about our lives, to account. It’s about fully investigating all allegations of misconduct.

The public deserves to know that the evidence put forward has been properly and fairly considered. An independent investigation is the best way to do this. The woman in question died before detailing her allegations in a formal statement to police. And the NSW Police have said there is “insufficient admissible evidence” to continue their investigation.[1]

An independent investigation in these circumstances is the necessary start. But it’s nowhere near enough. This problem is not just about one individual. It’s about changing a system that currently fails to adequately investigate allegations. And the need for stronger prevention and response whenever gendered violence occurs. The PM must also act for the safety of women around the country. Real long-term change will require systemic interventions.






Prime Minister Morrison,

Women should be safe to live, work and learn free from violence. As Prime Minister you must treat any allegations of sexual violence seriously.

We demand that you stand down Christian Porter from his role as Attorney-General, until an independent inquiry into the rape allegations made against him has concluded.

We also demand that you take the strong systemic action needed for women’s safety across our communities. 




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