SA MPs: support safe and legal access to abortion care

We all deserve to feel safe and in control of our lives, but right now archaic abortion laws deny South Australians the right to make decisions about their own healthcare. They particularly hurt women living in rural areas.

The good news is, the South Australian Government has recently asked the state's Law Reform Institute to consider changes to these laws. But if any proposed reforms are going to have a chance of being introduced, and passed by the Government, they’re going to need a huge show of public support.

Earlier this year in Queensland, a massive community campaign helped pave the way to recognition of the right to safe and legal abortion care. Can you help do the same in South Australia?

Sign the petition calling on South Australian MPs to decriminalise abortion.

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Right now a woman in South Australia doesn’t have the legal right to seek to terminate her pregnancy. Instead, abortion is only legal if two doctors agree that a woman’s physical or mental health is endangered by pregnancy, or for a serious foetal abnormality. (You can find out more here)

This opportunity for reform comes off the back of years of work driven by advocates like the South Australian Abortion Action Coalition. Before this legislation comes to a vote, it’s critical we show a huge wave of public support to help convince undecided members of parliament to vote yes. Can you join the campaign in support of safe and legal access to abortion care?

To all members of the  South Australian Parliament,

A woman knows what is best for her health, her body and her family. She should be able to access safe and legal abortion care if she needs it.

We urge you to vote to decriminalise abortion, and legislate for safe access to facilities providing this healthcare.


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"My medical conditions may kill me if I have an unplanned pregnancy, it’s every woman’s autonomous right!"
Madeline , 5012  /  signed 2019-03-07 21:04:37 +1100
"Women should have autonomy over their own bodies and safe access to medical procedures, including abortion."
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