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Government ministers + health misinformation?

GREAT NEWS! Victorian attorney general Robert Clark has withdrawn from the controversial World Congress of Families conference.

The Congress - and their anti-abortion agenda - were set to be welcomed by Clark, as Victoria's chief law officer, just months after attacks on abortion laws were being suggested to our parliament. Then, Fair Agenda members, alongside groups like Mamamia, Vocal Majority and the Block Party Against Hate - helped call out the politicians lending credibility to this extreme group - forcing them to withdraw from the event. Congratulations to all involved in the campaign!


The World Congress of Families are an extreme anti-choice group who promote the misinformation that abortion leads to breast cancer -- and Victoria's Attorney-General Robert Clark is scheduled to address their conference later this month.[1]

The event agenda includes addresses on “the pro-life and pro-family policies in the US and Russia” and a keynote address on the debunked “link between abortion and breast cancer”.[2] 

Can you help us show Robert Clark Victorian voters don't want our Attorney General lending credibility to this agenda?

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Victorian Premier Denis Napthine has committed that his government will not allow any changes to Victoria’s abortion laws - an important promise to the 85% of Victorian voters who support a woman’s right to decide to have an abortion.[3]

But the appearance of our Attorney General - the chief legal officer of our state - at an event promoting these kinds of extreme positions, gives these concerning views greater currency.

Help us show Victorian voters don't want our Attorney-General supporting this controversial event. Sign the petition now.


[1]State Attorney-General Robert Clark to address hardline pro-life event, The Age, 15 July 2014

[2]World Congress of Families Regional Event brochure, as at 16 July 2014.

[3]Newpoll survey, Victoria, December 2013.

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To the Hon Robert Clark,

We urge you not to address the controversial World Congress of Families event in Melbourne next month.


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Heather , 4680  /  signed 2014-09-02 15:55:46 +1000
Jo-anne , 2602  /  signed 2014-08-28 19:25:56 +1000
"The WCF seek to deny women reproductive control over their own bodies. There are millions of starving and malnourished children in the world and not enough political will to save them. The WCF is anti-gay. There are gay people in the Liberal party as there are in all organisations and walks of life. The members of WCF show wilful ignorance on a grand scale and ignore the realities of life for the majority of people on this planet. Attendance at this Congress merely advertises the attendees ignorance and prejudice."
Philip , 2290  /  signed 2014-08-27 18:48:59 +1000
kevin , 2480  /  signed 2014-08-27 17:16:23 +1000
"Hate groups should not be endorsed by government."
Nicole , 2425  /  signed 2014-08-22 14:28:07 +1000
Jonn , 2016  /  signed 2014-08-21 22:36:34 +1000
Ross , 2156  /  signed 2014-08-21 16:49:44 +1000
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Roslyn , 5082  /  signed 2014-08-18 12:34:47 +1000
Jo , 3113  /  signed 2014-08-17 19:27:23 +1000
"Trust in our leaders is an important part of a functioning democracy. It is wrong for State and Federal ministers to attend and give their imprimatur to an American organisation that actively promotes disinformation about abortion and is actively hostile toward people who are homosexual. Our chief law officer should not be attending this event if we are to be able to trust him to act on behalf of all Victorians."
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