Stand against a licence to discriminate

Imagine turning up to the pharmacy to buy regular your contraceptive pill and being turned away because the pharmacist doesn’t think you should be having sex outside of marriage. 

Imagine being refused help at a fertility clinic because the doctor doesn’t think same sex couples should raise children. 

Imagine your workmates facing no consequences if they say ‘your disability is God’s punishment for sin’, or that ‘women should not be in positions of leadership over men’.  

The Attorney General and Scott Morrison are finalising a Religious Discrimination Bill right now that could make this harm a more frequent occurrence - by allowing one person’s faith to override another person’s right to be protected from discrimination. Together, we can stop the worst parts of this bill from becoming a frightening reality.

Current proposed provisions in this bill could increase barriers to healthcare access - including contraception, the morning-after pill, fertility treatment and abortion care. And a 'no consequences clause' would open avenues for attack on women, LGBTIQ+ people, minority faith communities and people with disabilities.

Together we can show the Morrison Government that voters oppose this licence to discriminate and want laws to protect everyone equally. The proposed bill is still being finalised by the Government, which means it's vital those of us who care about women's protection from harm and equal protections for all to speak up. Will you sign the petition to join the campaign?

This petition is being run by Fair Agenda in partnership with Equality Australia and Democracy in Colour.


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Under proposed 'conscientious objection' provisions - any patient’s right to timely and unbiased healthcare would become less important than a health practitioner’s personal religious beliefs about any given health matter. Any professional guidelines or employer policies that sought to ensure patients' access to care would be open to challenge, creating enormous complexity and uncertainty for health services, and making it easier for doctors with religious beliefs to not only refuse to provide care themselves, but also to refuse to provide information about where patients can access unbiased advice.

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Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Members of Parliament, 

Discrimination causes incredible harm - to physical and mental health, and to an individual’s sense of acceptance and belonging. 

Given that, we strongly support amending laws so all people – including people of faith – are protected from harm. 

We need laws that ensure people of faith, women and LGBTIQ+ people are equally protected from discrimination and harm. 

That means laws that provide a shield of protection to those who need it, but that don’t hand organisations or individuals a license to discriminate against and attack others. 

We know that LGBTIQ+ people and women are the most likely to be negatively impacted by religious anti-discrimination laws which don’t get this balance right. 

We strongly urge you and every Member of Parliament, to consult with all potential affected communities and ensure everyone is equally protected. 


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"Mark Harrigan – the term a religious “statement of belief” made in good faith is far too vague are there is no real objective arbiter of what is a religious statement of belief – just witness the conflicts among the faiths about doctrine

section 10 is drafted so widely that it could, on the face of it, allow religiously affiliated charities to refuse to assist people of a different faith or of no faith. A Catholic-affiliated soup kitchen could, in theory, refuse to provide food to a Muslim person.

Section 8 is too broadly drafted and could allow medical practitioners to refuse to aid people of LGBTQI identity or refuse even to refer a woman on to an abortion provider

This law as proposed goes way beyond giving religious people a shield against discrimination – it gives them a sword to discriminate – and that is unacceptable"
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