Stop the Religious Discrimination Bill 3.0 and it’s licence to discriminate

Imagine having a workmate tell you your “disability is caused by the devil”. Or daycare staff saying to a single mum “every child should have a mother and father who are married”. And then imagine these statements being immune from legal consequences under hard fought for discrimination laws across the country.[1] 

This could be our reality if the latest iteration of the Religious Discrimination Bill (3.0) passes through Federal Parliament.

These statements and others just like them would be protected under the Bill, where provisions relating to ‘statements of belief’ would give a license for people to discriminate by making a wide range of harmful and offensive statements - if they are in line with their religious beliefs.

Will you join the campaign and show the MPs and Senators who will cast the deciding votes on this legislation that voters oppose a licence to discriminate and want laws to protect everyone equally?


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[1] ​​The controversial religious discrimination bill has been revealed. Here's what's in it, SBS news, 25 Nov 2021 

This petition is being run by Fair Agenda in partnership with Equality Australia and Democracy in Colour.

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Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Members of Parliament, 

Discrimination causes incredible harm - to physical and mental health, and to an individual’s sense of acceptance and belonging. 

Given that, we strongly support amending laws so all people – including people of faith – are protected from harm. 

We need laws that ensure people of faith, women and LGBTIQ+ people are equally protected from discrimination and harm. 

That means laws that provide a shield of protection to those who need it, but that don’t hand organisations or individuals a license to discriminate against and attack others. 

We know that LGBTIQ+ people and women are the most likely to be negatively impacted by religious anti-discrimination laws which don’t get this balance right. 

We strongly urge you and every Member of Parliament, to consult with all potential affected communities and ensure everyone is equally protected. 


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