PM: It's time for concrete measures

- Campaign dated July 2015 - 

Only 21.8% of the MPs representing the Liberal Party in our federal parliament are women. And the numbers of Liberal women are declining - leaving the party, and our democracy, poorer as a result.1

This week two prominent Liberal women have come out to call for action to overcome barriers to women's representation in the Liberal Party. 

Dr Sharman Stone has made the very sensible suggestion that the party ensure equal numbers of women and men be involved in pre-selection contests.2

And Frontbencher Kelly O'Dwyer has spoken out in support of introducing a target for women's representation in the party.3

Can you show just how many voters stand alongside them in wanting concrete measures to address barriers to women's representation in the Liberal Party?

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Last year retiring Liberal Senator Sue Boyce thrust this issue back into the media spotlight by admonishing her party for its "pathetic" lack of female representation and calling on "every party member and every party employee” to improve it.4 

Then, at the Liberal Federal Council meeting outgoing Liberal President Alan Stockdale spoke up about the need to increase the number of women in the Liberal Party, declaring: “The party needs to attract and retain more women as office bearers as candidates and as MPs. This should be seen as a key priority for the party as a whole." Incoming President Richard Alston also recognised that more can be done to encourage better female representation. It's time for concrete measures. 


1. Sharman Stone: The Liberal MP who's backing a quota for women, Daily Life, 29 July 2015.

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3. Targets the answer to boost Liberal's female representation: Kelly O'Dwyer, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 July 2015.

4. Australian Senate Hansard, Senator Boyce, Wednesday 18th June 2014.



Dear Prime Minister,

As concerned voters we call on you - as leader of the Liberal Party - to commit to concrete measures to improve the representation of women in your party room and cabinet. 


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"Please keep the Libs blokey – it shows the electorate how 50s you still are!"
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"Represent all Aussies, not mostly men. Stop the boys club."
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"Experience has shown in other countries that women bring a different perspective to politics, and surely the Liberals should want to do whatever it takes to discover the next Margaret Thatcher?"
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"We need the Liberals to join the 21st century"
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