Family violence: a national emergency

A critical intervention that could help save lives

UPDATE: Death reviews have now been listed as a key action area in the Second Action Plan - our governments' national plan to reduce violence against women and their children. The Plan helps set the agenda for Commonwealth, state and territory government action on family violence for the next 3 years. The inclusion of death review processes provides a critical foundation for increased attention and investment in the area. There's still more to be done - but this is a big step forward.


*Trigger warning: discussion of domestic violence.

The numbers tell a chilling story:
* Intimate partner homicides account for almost of quarter of homicides in Australia
* Between 2008 and 2010, there were 122 intimate partner homicides in Australia
* 16.9% of women over 15 have experienced partner violence

It’s clear; family violence is a national emergency.

Experts have emphasised nationwide death review processes as a critical measure that can help prevent further loss of life. Death review processes are designed to identify where systems have failed to protect family violence victims, and to identify the changes that are required to save future lives. They're something family violence workers have been calling for over many years.

Government appointed experts called for death review processes as an urgent priority in 2009.[1] But death review processes still aren’t in place nationally. Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory still lack any kind of family violence death review mechanism, and the Victorian Review has suffered reduced resourcing.[2]

Join the call for the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, to work with the States to ensure best practice death review processes are established and appropriately resourced across the country.

*For 24 hour help, call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). Or see your state and territory helplines here.

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To the Hon. Tony Abbott, MP Prime Minister of Australia, 

We urge you to lead an urgent response to recent family violence fatalities, to help protect against further loss of life.

We urge you to coordinate State and Territory Governments to ensure best practice death review processes are established and appropriately resourced  across the country.


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"Governments need to take domestic violence more seriously."
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"My friend is living in terror. I hope and pray she and her daughter will be OK. Already the law has been too slow and the terrorist has found the loopholes. I cant believe that best practice Death Review processes are not in place nationally – perhaps it is saying something about the value the government places on victims lives….. let us learn from past experience, let them not to have died in vain. "
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