Libra's absorption problem

Just weeks after Google launched a $50 million program to help address barriers to girls involvement in the science, technology engineering and mathematics sectors; and despite evidence that stereotypes and cultural biases still impede women's success in the 'STEM' areas… Libra have rolled out this new advertising campaign.

Libra's website says they create adverts “designed to give you a smile”. 

If you're concerned about the message their latest advert sends, sign the petition and let Libra know! 

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To Libra,

We're concerned about the message you send to young girls with your new 'absorbs way more than you ever did in maths class' advertising campaign. We call on you to remove the adverts immediately. 


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Latest activity

David , 2750  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:51:20 +1000
"I work in the IT industry and it is a fight every day to get women respected by my male colleges, themselves and sometimes even myself. It is a war of social stigma and you are on the losing side."
Rebecca , 4350  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:50:29 +1000
Sarah , 2774  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:49:38 +1000
"Women and girls can do anything, do not let their potential suffer."
Sharon , 2560  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:48:12 +1000
"Girls thinking they should dumb down or boys won’t like them is a real issue in our high schools. This Libra ad feeds into that insecurity."
Vicki , 4078  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:47:40 +1000
"In my workplace I frequently encounter young women with an unhealthy fear of mathematics and we achieve some success in reversing this. To normalise it and even promote it through this campaign is to further stigmatise girls and women who enjoy mathematics and to discourage girls who struggle with it."
Emily , 4020  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:46:11 +1000
"Stereotypes can be funny, and jokes surrounding stereotypes are generally funny. There’s also a reason stereotypes are stereotypes. But they can also be damaging. A silent oppressor. And lets face it. Encouraging the idea that Maths is boring in teenagers, whether male OR female isn’t good. Parents try their hardest to encourage learning and while this ad is both funny and clever, it can undo the hard work of many parents if society also discourages learning."
karen , 2022  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:43:22 +1000
Kylie , 2566  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:40:48 +1000
Cathy , 3106  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:39:30 +1000
"That is such an outdated, irresponsible, damaging stereotype to perpetuate. The only thing stopping girls “absorbing” maths is idiotic normalizing of stereotypes that they are not good at it, taking away their confidence."
Jane , 2482  /  signed 2014-08-11 11:39:28 +1000
"Libra, what exactly are you trying to say to girls with this campaign? That even though they’re intellectually inferior because, hey, they’re girls… hang on, what was that? PLEASE!!!! How about getting a female mathematics professor aligned with your campaign, “absorbs as much as Dr -- did in maths class”? Give girls something to AIM for, not an expectation of mediocrity. I’m going to have to seriously rethink purchasing your products if this campaign continues unamended."
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