International Women's Day Declaration

International Women's Day Declaration

In March this year, women from around the world converged in New York to discuss an international agenda and Declaration to achieve gender equality. At the same time, in Canberra a group of women and men launched a declaration for gender equality initiatives in Australia.

The Declaration, launched by the National Foundation for Australian Women, calls for bi-partisan support for the outcomes listed, and has been signed by dozens of prominent women. In coming months it will be delivered to key politicians. Can you add your signature? 

Their Declaration states:

1. Women's rights are human rights to be enjoyed by all including but not limited to women of all ages, classes, creeds, races, ethnicities, sexualities and abilities;

2. Women have the right to be safe at work, at home, on line, in parliaments, on the streets, in detention, on the seas, in fact wherever they live, love, play and work: women are everywhere;

3. The statistics show that women are disproportionately the subject of violence in all these contexts, places and situations: women are not enjoying their full human rights;

4. Addressing violence against women will require:

  • men to be part of the solution and this will entail changes in behaviour, attitudes and priorities;
  • governments at all levels to enact policies that are evidence-based, benchmarked, and adequately funded;
  • fundamental shifts in social practices and attitudes such that women in all walks of life are valued as human beings; 
  • long term funding of programs and policies that we know work and restoration of funding to essential services that have been cut.

5. Women asylum seekers held in detention by the Australian Government, constitute a particular priority and require independent investigators to have open access and public reporting without vilification.

I hereby add my signature to the Canberra International Women's Day Declaration.


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"I believe that all women should have equal rights to men, and should be treated with respect and integrity, and are able to have there own freedom of speech, without be threatened or judged."
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