FreeTV: Include specific warnings in viewer advice

*Trigger warning: Discussion of sexual violence

Right now, commercial television stations in Australia are required to provide warnings to viewers if a program contains violence or sex scenes - but aren't required to specify if the program contains sexual or domestic violence. Exposure to this kind of content can cause trauma to anyone previously affected. 

FreeTV - the industry body in charge of Australia's commercial television stations - are scheduled to review their Code of Practice later this year. The Code of Practice governs all viewer advice provided on commercial television across Australia - and this review provides them with an important opportunity to drive positive change.

FreeTV have implemented positive practices on gender and social justice issues in the past. By updating the Code of Practice to require that more explicit warnings are given when sexual or domestic violence is about to be shown, they would allow viewers the opportunity to choose whether or not to watch such content, and give those affected by this kind of violence the opportunity to safeguard themselves from further trauma. Can you help show they have the public's support take a leadership role on this issue? 


For 24 hour help, call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). Or see your state and territory helplines here.

Dear Free TV Australia,

Content containing sexual or domestic violence can be triggering for anyone who has been affected by this kind of violence - and being exposed to this kind of content without warning can create further trauma. 

We know that FreeTV have taken positive steps to address gender and social justice issues in the past. We encourage you to build on this by updating the Code of Practice to ensure consumer advice provides more explicit warnings for scenes of sexual and domestic violence, so viewers can safeguard themselves from further trauma.


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Kellie , 2011  /  signed 2016-04-14 21:45:30 +1000
"It’s appalling that the ratings are M 15yrs M+ 15 over there is no longer R rating which I consider should replace M+
I don’t think 1 day makes a difference and if you can’t vote or drive or enlist in army maturity is hardly a 15 yr olds where has the moral compas gone"
Lisa , 3054  /  signed 2016-04-14 15:09:42 +1000
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"Monkey see , monkey do"
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Joanna , 3065  /  signed 2016-01-23 12:00:25 +1100
"It’s important to allow society to know when they will be exposed to traumatic experiences. People need to be allowed to make informed choices about the content that they are about to watch. By providing content warnings society is allow individuals who have experience trauma from domestic violence and/or sexual assault (who may have developed PTSD) to feel safe.

Given that Government haven’t provided enough funding to allow formal service providers to providers survivor with much needed emotional and physical support, isn’t it the responsibility of everyone in Australia to help support these individuals? As a survivor of multiplesexual assaults, and a sufferer of PTSD, I truly believe that this simple change has the potential to significantly improve the lives of many survivors and their support networks."
Amy , 3220  /  signed 2015-12-02 17:09:53 +1100
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