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Gender reporting under threat

- Campaign dated January 2015 -

Australia still has a lot of work to do on gender equality in the workplace – in fact, last year our gender pay gap blew out to a record 18.2%.1

We know that in order to address workplace inequality issues, you need to know about them. In fact Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick has said “data is absolutely critical to moving ahead on [gender inequality] issues.”2

But the federal government are reportedly considering changes to Australia's workplace gender reporting requirements -- and business groups are lobbying hard to have them watered down, if not removed completely.3

This issue is already being labelled one of Prime Minister Abbott’s “first major tests as Minister for Women”. Can you help show him that Australians won’t stand for a watering down of workplace gender reporting provisions?

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Right now, all businesses with more than 100 employees are required to report against 6 gender equality indicators, including: women's representation, pay equality and flexible working arrangements. 

In 2014, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency released its inaugural findings based on employer reports, showing that for employers with more than 100 staff:

  • The gender pay gap based on full-time base remuneration is 19.9% (that jumps to a 24.7% gender pay gap if you consider 'full-time total remuneration' - which accounts for things like bonuses as well)
  • Women still make up *just* 17.3% of CEOs
  • One-third of the employers with more than 100 staff have *zero* women in 'key management personnel' roles
  • Less than one in four employers still haven't conducted a gender remuneration gap analysis to check for potential pay equity issues.4

Already groups like the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry are calling for the reporting requirements to be abolished, and data collection made voluntary.

Think this issue is too important to be left in the dark? Let the government know you want them to protect the workplace gender reporting requirements by signing the petition.


1. Women earn less than men as gender gap grows,, 15 August 2014.

2. Pressure over gender reporting laws, Australian Financial Review, 6 February 2014.

3. Gender reporting shaping up as a real test for Tony Abbott's as the Minister for Women, Daily Telegraph, 14 January 2015. 

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Dear Prime Minister Abbott,

According to the latest data, Australia's gender pay gap has blown out to a record high, and women remain vastly under-represented on Australian business boards and management teams. 

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner has called workplace gender reporting "absolutely critical as a piece of gender equality machinery in this country". 

As Prime Minister for Women, we call on you to ensure gender reporting requirements - which help us track how Australia is performing on this important social and economic justice issue - are protected, and not watered down.


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