Staying at home should be safe - but what if you’re isolated with your abuser?

PM Morrison: Act for women's safety at home during this crisis

Everything we know about the behaviour of abusers suggests that both the immediate and the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to increased danger for those experiencing abuse in their home.

We need our government to take urgent actions to ensure that people facing abuse and violence at home aren't left alone to manage risks to their safety, and can access help where they need it, when they need it. 

So far the Morrison Government's response has left massive gaps in what should be a service safety net for those at risk. As Governments review their policies, and implement policy change on a scale previously unimaginable, it’s vital that we keep this issue on the agenda. 

Experts are calling for action in four areas: full funding of specialist women’s and family violence services to ensure everyone can access the service support they need for their safety; ensuring the legal system makes the safety of victim-survivors and their children a priority; assisting those at particular risk due to visa status or disability to access essential support; and maintaining access to contraception and abortion care. 

Can you sign your support to the campaign and help build the pressure on the government to take action to help women and children be safe at home?

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We know that coercion, surveillance and isolation are tactics often used by domestic abusers, even outside of pandemics. Many abusers work to cut off their partners from other relationships so they can control them fully. In a context where we’re all physically isolated from our communities; the impact of an abuser’s isolation tactics will be even more significant. 

Even before this pandemic, family violence services weren’t equipped to provide support to all of the women reaching out to them for help. In NSW alone, services estimated that even before the pandemic, 63 women a day were without access to the ‘safe at home’ programs they need.

Read more about how COVID-19 is impacting women's safety.

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