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Dump the divorce tax

The federal government has just increased the standard cost of applying for divorce from $845 to $1,200 -- an increase legal providers fear will be prohibitive for many domestic violence victims – and prevent them from moving on with their lives.1

The Prime Minister says the government is focused on keeping Australians safe – but Australian women are being murdered in family violence incidents every week – and the government still hasn’t committed the funding needed to keep them safe. Instead, they've now introduced a change that will make it even harder for victims.

Sign the petition and help show the Abbott government the public will keep speaking up against changes that make things harder for victims of domestic violence; and calling for urgent action to address the federal funding gap leaving victim's safety at risk. 

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Women are challenged at every effort to sever their legal and financial ties with a perpetrator. Abusers often use a joint debt or a divorce as a tool to further control women. The emotional impacts of an abuser being able to continue to maintain a financial or legal tie to a victim of violence cannot be underestimated. For many victims the finality of a legal end to the relationship is very important for religious, social or psychological reasons.

Post separation and divorce can be incredibly dangerous and stressful times for victim-survivors of domestic and family violence. Our government should be supporting them to recover and move on, instead of putting more barriers in their way.

Every year thousands of domestic violence victims are still being turned away from legal assistance services - the government should be making this funding a priority.


1. Coalition defies Senate to increase cost of applying for a divorce, The Guardian, 14 July 2015. 

To Minister Brandis,

We urge you to reverse the new increase in divorce fees, and to urgently inject the additional federal funding needed by legal assistance services to make sure women affected by domestic violence can access legal support if they need it.


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"Why should we pay MORE for a decision of which many of us have already paid for dearly in tears and often blood? A divorce is a hard enough emotional decision let alone the monetary cost."
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