Just 'Men's Health'?

Just Men's Health?

Why does the AFR - Australia's "leading authority on business and finance news", and sponsor of the 2014 Women of Influence Awards - only run a men's health section?

via Fair Agenda member Sonia:

In this day and age you wouldn’t expect to open a leading newspaper, and just see a men’s health section. But last Wednesday that's exactly what happened. And the Wednesday before that, and the Wednesday before that...

After coming across the Women of Influence Awards and seeing the Australian Financial Review listed as a program partner, I was excited to start reading their paper – and shocked and disappointed to discover they only have a men’s health section. 

On it’s website the Australian Financial Review say their audience 'demands a newspaper that adapts to their changing needs'. Can you help me show them this is something we want to see change on?

Dear AFR Editor,

We are concerned about the exclusionary message that having only a “men’s health” section in Australia’s leading financial paper sends, and urge you to take steps to address this.

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"It would be great if AFR fully considered health and family issues for both men AND women.
Many men experience domestic violence and society’s silence on their experiences leaves them feeling and being abandoned in our community. The inclusion of advice and information about avenues of support for men and their children is urgently needed.
A women’s health section that includes advice for women who struggle to control their anger in family relationships would also help these women to know that they are not alone and that it’s a good thing to seek help to change their behaviour."
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"I read the AFR for business purposes and I am really glad it considers men’s health. However, as I am also a reader I would hope they consider my health as important and currently this does not seem to be the case."
Stefani , 2602  /  signed 2015-01-15 19:24:21 +1100
"Because we’re not living in the 1950’s anymore."
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