When 22-year-old Eurydice Dixon was raped and killed on her way home from work, Victoria police responded by telling people to “take responsibility for your own safety”.

But women don’t need advice about taking responsibility for our safety. We need men to stop making us unsafe. Dictating or restricting a woman’s actions will  not change the fact that someone has chosen to use violence.

So let’s focus our conversations on what really needs to change — the actions of perpetrators.

Let's build a future where we all have the freedom to be and to feel safe. Where we can live free from the burden of the endless constraints we are made to feel we should take to feel safe.

What kind of future do you want? What burden do you want to be free of? Share a Tweet like the ones below and add your own message using the hashtag #Iamnottheproblem

Allies, how are you going to #bepartofthesolution and help create a future where women have the freedom to feel and be safe?