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In August this year a Human Rights Commission report into sexual assault on campus revealed that 1 in 10 female university students were sexually assaulted in 2015 or 2016. Of those, more than a third of those were assaulted while living on a campus residence. 

What's more - many of those students have received shocking responses when they have been brave enough to come forward about their rape, including one student who was raped in her residential college after attending a college party, who reported the rape to the head of her residential college - they responded by putting her on a ‘drinking ban’ and advising her to focus on her studies.

The Human Rights Commission has made an official recommendation that residences at Australia’s universities “commission an independent, expert-led review of the factors which contribute to sexual assault and harassment in their settings”. 

Can you sign the petition calling on residences to urgently initiate this desperately needed review into sexual violence in their communities?

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Amongst the thousands of university students affected by sexual assault in 2015 and 2016, 21% said the most recent incident occurred at a university or college residence social event; and 10% said it occurred at a campus residence.

Given this - you’d expect that university residences would be doing everything they can to keep students safe. Unfortunately right now, many are not.

Fair Agenda have approached every university residence in Australia with a survey asking what, if any, training they provide students and relevant staff in sexual violence prevention. Of the 218 residences approached in September 2016, just 129 have responded to the Fair Agenda survey so far. And of those, only 60 have indicated that they are involving a sexual assault service in the provision of this year’s student training.


Change the course: National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities (2017), released 1 August 2017.

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To all Australian University residences,

We express our deep concern about the rates of violence being perpetrated against students in Australian university residences.

We urge you to implement the Australian Human Rights Commission’s recommendation to commission an independent, expert-led review of the factors which contribute to sexual assault and sexual harassment in their residences.

We also urge you to ensure you are providing best practice training to students and staff in training to prevent sexual assault. 


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