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We all deserve the right to make decisions about our own health and future. But right now Queenslanders are being denied that right, by archaic abortion laws that are increasing the distress, danger and financial burden of Queenslanders who need to terminate their pregnancy. This election we can help stop this. 

The Queensland election has just been announced for November 25th. This is it: our make or break moment to bring an end to the criminalisation of abortion in Queensland, and to help Queenslanders wrest back control over their own bodies.

Our analysis shows that there are enough pro-choice candidates challenging anti-choice MPs in marginal seats to tip Queensland’s parliament to a pro-choice majority at this election. This is an historic opportunity to win desperately needed change in Queensland, and will also have a big impact on the ongoing fight to decriminalise abortion in NSW.

To make that happen, our community will need to make abortion law reform a front and centre issue this election.  It will take all of us.

Can you sign up to get involved in this historic campaign, and then ask your friends to do that same?

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Right now Queensland's abortion laws are being used to deny women referrals and treatments for terminations at hospitals around the state.

One Queensland woman who had just been diagnosed with metastatic ovarian cancer was told she could not continue chemotherapy or surgery until she was no longer pregnant, but the hospital wouldn't provide her with an abortion. And last year Queensland's laws were used to force a 12-year-old girl to endure court proceedings in order to get permission to terminate a pregnancy. 

The Queensland Government have committed to introduce new legislation to decriminalise abortion next year. But in order for those laws to pass, there needs to be a pro-choice majority in the parliament. And that will be determined by Queenslanders when they head to the ballot box this month. 

For more information and FAQs on abortion laws around Australia we recommend reading this information from Children By Choice.

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"I marched 50 years ago for women’s right to choose and I am angry to discover that it is still illegal in Queensland."
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"Women should have the right to control their own fertility and abortion should be a personal choice for a woman without fear of punishment or recrimination."
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